Real Talk JavaScript

Episode 10: Mobile/Web Apps Using Ionic with Mike Hartington

Episode Summary

John and Ward discuss why developers might consider mobile and mobile Web. They dive into what some of the challenges are and how Ionic fits into the story with Mike Hartington!

Episode Notes

Recording date: 2018-11-01


John Papa

Ward Bell

Dan Wahlin

Mike Hartington


(0:01:59) MailBag question from Jon Mayhew: Is it possible to have one code base for Android, iOS, PWA, and Web? Would you just deploy the PWA as a web app? Or would I need to have a separate Angular app that would look better on the web?

(0:03:50) Ward asks "Why go down the road of Ionic"

(0:04:20) Mike talks about user expectations and how you choose your mobile solution.

(0:05:58) Ward asks if what works on the web also works on mobile

(0:07:02) Ward asks how you can take a web app and move to Ionic?

(0:08:30) Mike talks about how you can replce an airplane while flying

(0:09:10) Mike and John talk about Ionic v4

(0:09:31) John asks Mike where he sees Ionic as a good choice compared to the field

(0:10:20) Mike talks about how you can ask yourself if you need device features

(0:12:12) Mike alks about what you can do on the Web today cmopared to mobile

(0:12:45) John asks Mike if low wifi or no wifi are good scenarios for Ionic, native mogile, or PWAs

(0:14:15) Mike talks about how Ionic fits in with the web frameworks

(0:15:30) Mike compares mobile dev to baking a cake

(0:16:30) Ward talks about Easy Bake Ovens

(0:18:30) Apache Cordova:

(0:18:38) Mike talks about capacitor

(0:19:35) "Can i use"

(0:20:01) Mike recommends how to store offline data in mobile

(0:20:50) IndxedDB and SqlLite

(0:22:01) Data on mobile and sensitive info

(0:26:14) Mobile iron and hockeyapp

(0:27:12) Stencil:

(0:28:44) Mr. Peabody and the "Wayback Machine"

(0:30:33) Mike talks about how Ionic works

(0:31:31) Mike mentions a productivity talk by Scott Hanselman

(0:32:45) RxJS

(0:35:00) Mike talks about the frameworks handles events

(0:36:02) Mike shares a story of a mobile app he built and its challenges

(0:39:42) Ward talks about customers he talks to who are just starting to get into mobile

(0:40:48) Mike talks about cordova vs not cordova

(0:43:11) Ward talks about "CIO Magazine" syndrome

(0:45:50) Mike talks about examples of apps built with Ionic

(0:50:38) Someone to follow: CodeNewbie community

(0:51:11) Someone to follow: Craig Shoemaker

(0:52:07) Someone to follow: Refactr Tech