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Episode 4: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with Maxim Salnikov

Episode Summary

John, Ward, and Dan talk with Maxim Salnikov about his experience as PWA expert. Maxim discusses what they are and when he uses them, along with browser support, and how he uses service workers. Maxim shares a lot of tips on building and debugging PWAs that you don't want to miss.

Episode Notes

Recording date: 2018-09-20


John Papa

Ward Bell

Dan Wahlin

(0:01:51) John reads the mailbag about browser support, service workers performance imapc,t and adding home screens to PWAs.

(0:01:51) Mailbag

(00:2:15) Maxim describes PWA support in the browsers

(0:03:10) Ward points out that Addy Osmani says: "It's important to remember that
Progressive Web Apps work everywhere but are supercharged in modern browsers. Progressive enhancement is a
backbone of the model."

(0:03:42) Service worker support in "Can I Use"

(0:03:50) Maxim recommends using the PWA feature detector

(0:04:10) Maxim answers John's question about how PWAs have changed over the past few years

(0:05:45) Maxim answers what a PWA is and the value to developers and users

(0:07:00) Ward asks "What problem does PWA solve?"

(0:07:43) Dan asks what he benefits of PWA are to an enterprise business

(0:08:50) Maxim points out how low wifi (LiFi) can be hard to deal with

(0:09:22) What is a PWA

(0:09:30) Ward asks if a PWA magically knows if its offline or not

(0:11:50) Maxim talks about LiFi as really low connectivity

(0:13:20) John clarifies with Maxim that PWAs uses browser APIs to check their connectivity

(0:14:00) Ward asks if he should use the raw service worker protocol

(0:15:15) Dan and Ward asks Maxim what makes this easier

(0:16:57) Maxim talks about the Workbox project

(0:18:15) John asks Maxim what else besides Service Workers, that is a part of PWAs

(0:18:30) Maxim discusses web app manfiest

(0:21:10) Maxim talks about Service Worker precache

(0:22:22) Ward asks Maxim to tell a story about one of Maxim's successful experiences with PWAs

(0:28:26) mobile era rocks PWA

(0:28:46) Ward raises how conferences are notorious for low wifi

(0:33:00) John asks Maxim when not to do a PWA

(0:38:00) Ward, John and Maxim discuss security concerns with PWAs

(0:44:30) Lighthouse tool for PWAs

(0:45:30) Maxim mentions the Web Hint tool for PWAs (tip: npx hint )

(0:46:50) Someone to follow: Nicholas Zakas

(0:47:38) Someone to follow: Simona Cotin

(0:48:10) Someone to follow: Arthur Stolyar

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